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Gentleman Jeff wins male "Best of Breed" at the

National Kennel Club 2008 World Show

White Deer Jeff Plott wins "Best of Breed" at the

AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

December 1 & 2, 2007 in Long Beach, California!

A Special Thanks to Judge Mrs. Robert D. Smith and to AKC Professional Handler Frank J. Murphy

White Deer Jeff Plott was recently selected by the

North Carolina State On Line Library to represent The Plott Hound

as the official "North Carolina State Dog"!

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Registration Number - AKC #HP23512605; UKC #U854,289
Kennel Name: "Jeff Boy"
Sex: Male
Breed: Plott Hound
Whelp Date: May 16, 2006
Color: Brindle

Breeder: Scott Rosson or Amy Rosson
                 Niota, Illinois

Owner: Joe Burkett III, DVM
              214 Jockey House Lane
              Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
              Phone: (830)  928-4440
              E Mail -

Sire and Dam

Grand Sires and Dams

Great Grand Sires & Dams

Great, Great Grand Sires and Dams

Great, Great, Great Grand Sires & Dams

WCH NITECH GRFCH GRCH ‘PR’ River Bluff Brindle Cowboy Up (C1) - APA "Coondog Male of the Year" - 2007 GRFH CH NITECH ‘PR’ Silver Creek Solan GRNITECH ‘PR’ Garrison’s Brindle Ranger (H2) (2005) NITECH 'PR' Dirty Eric 'PR' Mi-Kansas Super Joe II
'PR' Rusty's Fat Kate
NITECH 'PR' Locust Creek Dixie WLDNITECH GRNITECH 'PR' Kansas Sizzling Heat (H1) (1996)
CH 'PR' Oak Tree's Sadie
NITECH GRCH ‘PR’ Mansholt’s Molly GRNITECH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' Cypress River Clyde (2003) GRCH 'PR' Bear Grove Chuck
GRCH 'PR' Mc Coy's Kentucky Jill
'PR' River Bluff Fanny NITECH CH 'PR' Pioneers Brindle Tyler (1998)
'PR' Mansholt's Minnie
PR’ Garry’s Big Branch Penny GRNITECH CH ‘PR’ Allen’s North GA Plott Bones 'PR' Allen's N. Ga. Plott Ace II GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Howell's Bayou Shadow (1995)
'PR' Pinetree Spacey
'PR' Allen's N. Ga. Plott Lou 'PR' Watalula Slim
'PR' Pinetree Spacey
PR’ Garry’s Big Branch Lightning GRNITECH 'PR' Sybert & Otto's Sarge (H3) (1997) GRNITECH 'PR' Cannon's Kansas Joe Boy (1990)
GRNITECH 'PR' Shortridge's Queen (1989)
GRCH 'PR' Thompson's Midnite Star GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Pocahontas Gator II
GRCH 'PR' Walker's Pocahontas Cindy
WCH GRCH ‘PR’ Miller’s Pony Creek Stitch (C6) GRWCH CH ‘PR’ Idle Wild Spooky Tooth NITECH GRCH ‘PR’ Indian Creek Jr. GRNITECH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' Cypress River Clyde (2003) GRCH 'PR' Bear Grove Chuck
GRCH 'PR' Mc Coy's Kentucky Jill
'PR' River Bluff Fanny NITECH CH 'PR' Pioneers Brindle Tyler (1998)
'PR' Mansholt's Minnie
CH ‘PR’ Smith’s Brindle Tuffy GRNITECH ‘PR’ Garrison’s Brindle Ranger (H2) (2005) NITECH 'PR' Dirty Eric
NITECH 'PR' Locust Creek Dixie
NITECH GRCH 'PR' Mansholt's Molly GRNITECH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' Cypress River Clyde (2003)
'PR' River Bluff Fanny
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Otter Creek Terra GRNITECH ‘PR’ Otter Creek Tobey (2006) 'PR' Otter Creek Smoke 'PR' Saline River Savage
'PR' Haden's Grey Ghost
'PR' Hatton's Brown Sugar GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Sturgill's Tack II (1992)
'PR' Stanton's Bayou Cindy
‘PR’ Oliphant’s Sandy CH GRNITECH 'PR' Shumate's Brindle Stalker GRNITECH 'PR' Howell's Bayou Saber (1995)
GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Bear Hollow Gypsy
'PR' Yatres' Kat Ballew GRCH 'PR' Bear Grove Chuck
GRCH 'PR' Mc Coy's Kentucky Jill

This six generation pedigree was generated at White Deer Preserve©

Description: Jeff is a well conformed, beautiful Brindle Hound with all the credentials to give him the potential to make him a great stud prospect. He handles well, hunts medium wide to deep, strikes, runs, and trees with a powerful chop mouth that can be heard over a long distance. His is a AKC Conformation Champion and won the 2007 Eukanuba National Championship "Best of Breed" on December 1st, 2007 in Long Beach, California. On December 2, 2011, Jeff set the World Record for most AKC Nitehunt Cast wins in a single calendar year including 14 youth wins with handler Benjamin Wright and has posted 26 cast wins in the AKC National standings with handler William Wright; giving him 42 AKC NITEHUNT cast wins for 2011. At the end of 2011 Jeff will come home and be retired to stud.

To View AKC CSG CSGN CH/UCK NITECH GRCH White Deer Jeff Plott's American Kennel Club (AKC) Awards Record, please CLICK HERE!

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Jeff's AKC Eukanuba "Best of Breed" Ribbon

Mr. 'PR' White Deer Jeff Plott's official invitation to the Eukanuba National Championship in December 2007.

Jeff's AKC Champion Certificate - 2007

Here is Jeff's dam, GRCH 'PR' Miller's Pony Creek Stitch on the July 2007 cover of "Full Cry". That's my mom!!!

Jeff wins Male "Best of Breed" at the 2008 Nationl Kennel Club World Show!

American Kennel Club Legends for Coonhound Degrees and Titles

Nite Hunt
CNC – Nite Champion
CGN – Grand Nite Champion
CSGN – Supreme Grand Nite Champion
Bench Show
CCH – Champion
CGCH – Grand Champion
CSG – Supreme Grand Champion
Field Trial
CFC – Field Champion
CGF – Grand Field Champion
CSGF – Supreme Grand Field Champion
Water Race
CWC – Water Race Champion
CGW – Grand Water Race Ch.
CSGW – Supreme Grand Water Race Champion

United Kennel Club Legends for Degrees and Titles


CH = Championship Degree or Title


FC = Field Champion Degree or Title


GF = Grand Field Degree or Title


GR = Grand Degree or Title


NITE = Night Coon Hunt Field Trial Degree or Title


PR' = Purple Ribbon Bred Title (at least nine UKC registered generations in pedigree)


WC = Water Champion ("Coon on a Log" Field Trial Champion) Degree or Title


WLD = World Field Trial or NITE Degree or Title


WSHOWCH = World Show Champion Degree or Title

Color Codes for Special Pedigree Performance Titles & Credentials

Hounds Pedigrees Highlighted in RED Designates that are listed in either Current or Historical "Top Ten" Producing Sires and Dams based on January 2007 UKC "Bloodlines". Data and statistics compiled as of November 28, 2006. Ranking is show as current (C#) or historical (H#).
Hounds Pedigrees Highlighted in BLUE designate National Plott Hound Association "Hall of Fame" Hounds and year inducted is shown as (year). To see a complete listing of the N.P.H.A. "Hall of Fame" Plott Hounds, Year, Breeders and Owners - CLICK HERE!

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