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Theodosis Ioannidis - Aridea, Pellas, Greece

Foreground - Red Cloud x Bessie Belle, DOB 9 Jan 2008 and background Joe x Belle DOB 9 Jan 2008

Theodosis & his brother with European Wild Boar caught with his White Deer Plotts in the winter of 2008-2009 in Greece

Theodosis brother and European Wild Boar

European Wild Boar with the traditional "last meal" on the hood of Theodosis Landrover.



Michele Pipitone at home with his pups from White Deer Kennel - 3 Oct 2012



Aldegundo Garza Muriga; Saltillo, Mexico  - CLICK HERE to read the full story on Aldo''s "Sweet Success" with his White Deer hounds.

Pictured here is Aldo with his first livestock killing Mt. Lion taken with his pack of White Deer bred hounds.



 J.R. Ramirez C. Chitre, Panama

"May Pecan" - White Deer Dollins Red Cloud x Hicks Sniper Spook; DOB 15 Mar 2008 at home in Panama

"May Pecan"

"May Pecan"

"May Pecan"



Murat Gunisray; Etiler, Turkey

Murat's Von Plott with a big European Wild Boar at bay on 20 October 2007, shortly before Von was killed in action.

Von Plott with another huge boar and Murat's hunting party on 30 October 2007.

Another Von Plott boar with Murat and Pala in the picture.

The grisley Wild Boar that killed Von Plott on 15 November 2007.

United States


Kathryn Baxter; KBAX Kennels; Memphis, Tennessee

White Deer Texas Playboy (AKA Mr. "Bobby Plott") received his first points!! Franklin, Tennessee on March 7, 2009.

Miss White Deer Ida Red showing on November 8, 2008 at Priceville, Alabama

Presenting Mr. Bobby Plott...best keep an eye on me, cause I'm on the way to the top! White Deer Joe Plott x Red Maple Gypsy, DOB 4 May 2007.

bulletDarin Clark; Cheyenne, Wyoming

Darin Clark's 11 month old White Deer Plott pup with her first lion. She is out by Alice and Mack.

Great photo of Jason Clark's lion in the tree.

Jason Clark's lion treed on Columbus day 2009 in Wyoming.

bulletTag Hawks; Mt. Home, Idaho

Tag's Rex did most of the work but the "teen age" pups were right there to share the excitment and success on 24 Dec 2009.

It was the end of the trail for this big Mt. Lion female and Tags pack of Plotts.

"Rex", son of Ducth x Stormy, logged his 34th Black Bear in Idaho during the 2009 season.

Rex is a Rex is a top bear hound , 1st strike and 1st tree all the way. Often, 1/4 to 1/2 mile in front of the pack!

New pups working, getting ready for the winter cat season.

bulletRobin Mansell; Thousand Oaks, California

"Jesse" - Hick's Stormy x Adams Sniper Ducth; DOB 30 Aug 2006 exhibiting her "retreiver" qualities on 15 Feb 2008.

What a beautiful House Hound, Miss Jesse is! 6 May 2008

And who runs the house?


Leslie Milner; Silver City, New Mexico

"Rupert" is residing happily and very spoiled in Silver City, New Mexico. Rupert was 1 year old on 30 Nov 2009...Michelle x Bently pup.

We understand that "Rupert" is co-head of ranch security. He is show here "off duty" on his first birthday.

Ranch security duties are "tough", so one has to recover in the lap of luxury occasionally!


Michael Walker; Avinger,  Texas

"Lulu" - from Bentley x Raven Litter; DOB 21 Apr 2008. Doing a littler "Wild Boar" work!

"Lulu" - from Bentley x Raven Litter; DOB 21 Apr 2008. Relaxing afer the hunt.


Jeremiah White; Hermiston, Oregon

Treed! 29 March 2008


Sonia Yearwood; Center, Texas

Skyplott White Deer Harley before breakfast! 2 Dec 2008

No, I don't want to get up yet! 2 Dec 2008

bulletAmy Edwards; Phoenix, Arizona

"El Tigre" - Packing his bags for the trip to Arizona

"L.T." Living the good live in Phoenix, Arizona

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