Pedigree for AKC CSG CGC/UKC CCH GRCH 'PR' White Deer Skyplott Harley


White Deer Kennel

at White Deer Preserve

Harley was Best of Breed at the Eukanuba Nationals - 2010

AKC Black Gold Bench Show Spectacular Overall Winner and Breed Winner 2010

AKC CSG/UKC CCH GRCH 'PR' White Deer Skyplott Harley

Registration Number - AKC #; UKC #
Kennel Names: Harley & Scott
Sex: Males
Breed: Plott
Whelp Date: August 15, 2008
Color: Black Brindle & Black/Brindle Trim

Breeder: Kelly Ferguson

Owner: Joe Burkett III, DVM
              198 Jockey House Lane
              Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
              Phone: (830) 928-4440
              E Mail -

Sire and Dam

Grand Sires and Dams

Great Grand Sires & Dams

Great, Great Grand Sires and Dams

Great, Great, Great Grand Sires & Dams

'PR' Proain's Midnight Run Shadow GRNITECH 'PR' Lawson Creek Black Ice CH 'PR' Walker's Pocahontas Cody II NITECH CH 'PR' Walker's Pocahontas Cody (2003) GRNITECH GRCH ‘PR’ Pocahontas Gator II (H7)
CH 'PR' Walker's Pocahontas Becky
'PR' Pocahontas Cookie 'PR' Walker's Pocahontas Hank
PR' Pocahontas Cricket
GRCH 'PR' JDH Meeka Louise 'PR' Walker's King Cobra II 'PR' Walker's King Cobra
'PR' Walker's Pocahonts Vicky
CH GRNITECH 'PR' Walker's Pocahontas Jewel 'PR' Whaley's Pocaontas Scout
'PR' Whaleys Pocahontas Cheyenne
'PR' Pure Country Sassy 'PR' Where's Waldo-Treed ** GRNITECH CH 'PR' Nall's Bacon Creek Cougar NITECH GRCH 'PR' Bacon Creek Cajun
'PR' Moonlight Maggie
'PR' Nall's Kentucky Jill NITECH 'PR' Longshore's GA. Cody
'PR' Rough Ridge Sally
'PR' Nash's Little Skeeter 'PR' Hicks' Honest Ed 'PR' Hicks's Rough Ridge Casey
'PR' Bailey's Brindle DIxie
'PR' Simmon's Pepper NITECH GRCH 'PR' Younce Creek Lead
'PR' Lester's Misty
'PR' Porain's Midnight Run Sadie CH 'PR' Simmons' In. Mo-Jo Gotcha GRCH 'PR' Simmons' Daydreams Gotcha NITECH GRCH 'PR' Simmons' In Daybreak' Gotcha GRCH 'PR' Walker W. Va. Clutch
GRCH 'PR' Walker's W. Va. Sadie
NITECH GRWCH GRCH 'PR' Simmon's In Cher's Gotcha CH 'PR' Bolen's Crazy Joe
'PR' Pleasant Ridge Wild Rose
WCH WSHOWCH GRCH 'PR' Simmons' Nightfall's Gotcha * 'PR' Amon or Linda Beast GRCH ‘PR’ Walker’s W. VA. Shotgun
CH ‘PR’ Dobbins’ WVA Dolly Sod
'PR' Walkers West Va. Comet NITECH CH ‘PR’ Walker’s W. VA. Black Gold (2001)
GRCH ‘PR’ Anderson’s Windy Gap Hope
CCH CH 'PR' County Line Krazy Karma GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Krazy Kramer GRCH 'PR' Capitol City Jon 'PR' Capitol City Rev. Mr. Black
GRCH 'PR' Capitol City Ginger
GRCH 'PR' Hedge's Cactus Bell NITECH GRCH 'PR' Howell's Bayou Skoal
'PR' Robinson Gypsy
GRCH 'PR' County Line Terrible Tuesday GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Morgan's Bayou Jake NITECH CH 'PR' Howell's Bayou Jake
'PR' Butler's Peg
'PR' Hamilton's Treetalkin Jody WLDNITECH GRNITECH 'PR' Kansas Sizzlin Heat (H1) (1996)
'PR' Coblentz' Tree Talking Sue

This six generation pedigree was generated at White Deer Preserve©

* This outstanding Plott is a full litter mate brother to our GRCH 'PR' Red Maple Gypsy - CLICK HERE to see her pedigree.

Mississippi State Championship - 8 May 2010

Harley at Walnut Grove, AR - 10 June 2011

** 'PR' Where's Waldo-Treed - Waldo is a brother to NITECH CH ‘PR’ Hicks’ Sniper Duke, currently the #5 Reproducing sire in the Plott Breed. Duke is the sire to our Sniper Ducth and Sniper Spook. Both of these female have produced outstanding progeny, both in the field and on the bench.

Ducth is the dam of our "Bengali", who has had a very illustrious career on the bench and is now in Oregon pursuing a career as a big game hound. She is also the dam of GRCH 'PR' Trapper's White Deer Brew.

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For General Inquires Please Contact:

Joe or Courtney Burkett at

White Deer Preserve

198 Jockey House Lane

Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Cell Telephone - (830) 928-4440

Home Phone - (830) 257-7044

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