Pedigree for Buddy and Spanky's Pups Whelped on September 3rd, 2007


White Deer Kennel

at White Deer Preserve

Litter Pedigree

'PR' Bred UKC Registered Litter Born September 3, 2007

Registration Number: UKC Registered
Kennel Name: Various
Sex: 5 Males and 4 Females
Breed: Treeing Walker Coonhound
Whelp Date: September 3, 2007

Breeder: Joe Burkett III, DVM
                 Fredericksburg, Texas

Owner: Joe Burkett III, DVM
              214 Jockey House Lane
              Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
              Phone: (830) 990-4367
              FAX - (830) 990-8386
              E Mail -

Litter Photo Will Be Posted on their Arrival

Sire and Dam Grand Sires and Dams Great Grand Sires & Dams Great, Great Grand Sires and Dams
‘PR’ White Deer Little Buddy Walker GRNITECH ‘PR’ Thunder Dan GRNITECH ‘PR’ Abbots Yadkin River Cruse GRNITECH ‘PR’ Nocturnal Nailor (H1)
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Deskins’ Windy
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Lippers Little Suzie GRNITECH GRCH ‘PR’ Lippers Little Buddy
GRNITECH Hively’s Big Sandy Brandy
NITECH ‘PR’ Thunder Mt. Stormin Ann GRNITECH CH ‘PR’ Abbot’s Liquid Smoke (C7) GRCH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Ole South’s Stylish Rebel
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Abbot’s Nocturnal Jodie
GRNITECH CRCH ‘PR’ Morgans Nocturnal Crybaby GRNITECH ‘PR’ Nocturnal Nailor (H1)
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Morgans Longbranch Brandy
‘PR’ Hardwood Spanky GRNITECH ‘PR’ Lynch’s Hardwood Mac NITECH ‘PR’ Medley’s Hardwood Swamp CH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Guess’ Hardwood Maniac
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Guess’ Hardwood Tiny
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Bob’s Northridge Lucy GRNITECH ‘PR’ Hustlers Pride
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Hustler’s Angle
‘PR’ Lynchs Kandy GRNITECH GRCH ‘PR’ Stylish Harrys RPM GRNITECH ‘PR’ Ball's Stylish Hickory Nut Harry (H5)
GRCH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Huffs Nocturnal Rose
‘PR’ Buck Ridge Camo GRCH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Crow & Grant’s Cutter
‘PR’ Choate's Hardknockin Hazel
This five generation pedigree was generated at White Deer Preserve©

United Kennel Club Legends for Degrees and Titles

CH = Championship Degree or Title


FC = Field Champion Degree or Title


GF = Grand Field Degree or Title


GR = Grand Degree or Title


NITE = Night Coon Hunt Field Trial Degree or Title


PR' = Purple Ribbon Bred Title (at least nine UKC registered generations in pedigree)


WC = Water Champion ("Coon on a Log" Field Trial Champion) Degree or Title


WLD = World Field Trial or NITE Degree or Title


WSHOWCH = World Show Champion Degree or Title

Color Codes for Special Pedigree Performance Credentials

Individual Pedigree Highlighted in RED Designates that are listed in either Current or Historical "Top Ten" Producing Sires and Dams based on January 2007 UKC "Bloodlines". Data and statistics compiled as of November 28, 2006. Ranking is show as current (C#) or historical (H#).

Puppy Reservations for Litter Whelped on September 3, 2007



  1. Female Pup #1 - SOLD!
  2. Female Pup #2 - SOLD!
  3. Female Pup #3 - SOLD!
  4. Female Pup #4 - SOLD!
  1. Male Pup #1 - SOLD!
  2. Male Pup #2 - SOLD!
  3. Male Pup #3 - SOLD!
  4. Male Pup #4 - SOLD!
  5. Male Pup #5 - SOLD!

Legends For Puppy Reservations:

bulletReservations or Sale Pending = Verbal reservations or sales will be held for 72 hours pending receipt of payment.
bulletReserved = Deposit has been received.
bulletSOLD! - Payment in full has been received.

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Female Pup Photos
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Male Pup Photos
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