Pedigree for AKC/UKC CCH GRCH

‘PR’ Skyplott Saucy Surprise


White Deer Kennel

at White Deer Preserve

‘PR’ Skyplott Saucy Surprise

Registration Number - UKC #U623,601
Kennel Name: "Nipper"
Sex: Female
Breed: Plott Hound
Whelp Date: December 9, 2002
Color: Black Brindle

Breeders: Christina M. Farthing or
                   Jeffery D. Farthing

Owner: Joe Burkett III, DVM
              214 Jockey House Lane
              Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
              Phone: (830)  990-4367
              FAX - (830) 990-8386
              E Mail -

Six Generation Pedigree

Sire and Dam

Grand Sires and Dams

Great Grand Sires & Dams

Great, Great Grand Sires and Dams

Great, Great, Great Grand Sires & Dams

GRCH 'PR' Paugh's Midnight Roller 'PR' Sting's Pioneer Sizzling Thunder NITECH 'PR' Pioneer Treeing Sting GRCH ‘PR’ Kansas Super Sport WLDNITECH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Kansas Sizzling Heat (H1) (1996)
WSHOWCH GRCH ‘PR’ Peoples’ Smokin Joni (2001)
‘PR’ Sky Line Dusty ‘PR’ Hill’s Plott Fiddler
‘PR’ Kansas Sizzlin Becky
NITECH 'PR' Pioneer Treeing Gold WLDNITECH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Kansas Sizzling Heat (H1) (1996) GRNITECH ‘PR’ Cannon’s Kansas Joe Boy (1990)
GRNITECH ‘PR’ Shortridge’s Queen (1989)
CH ‘PR’ Oak Tree’s Sadie GRCH ‘PR’ Walkers W. Va. Murdock
GRCH ‘PR’ Walkers W. Va. Pride
'PR' Statler Cookie Female      
CH 'PR' County Line Jewel GRCH 'PR' Cloudy Creek Annie's Nightmare GRCH 'PR' Wilson's Capitol City Jon 'PR' Capitol City Rev. Mr. Black WSHOWCH GRCH 'PR' Capital City Sam (2001)
GRWCH GRCH 'PR' Shadetree M. D. Sweet Sue
GRCH 'PR' Capitol City Ginger WSHOWCH GRCH 'PR' Capital City Sam (2001)
CH 'PR' Capitol City Polly
GRNITECH WSHOWCH GRCH 'PR' Capitol City Sam's Go Annie DNA-P WSHOWCH GRCH 'PR' Capitol City Sam (2001) 'PR' Alford's Preacher
'PR' Allen's Mill Crk. Ann
'PR' Wakulla Boys Henrietta 'PR' Shaw's Bosco
'PR' Bayou Blazin' Brandy
GRCH 'PR' County Line Terrible Tuesday DNA-P GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Morgan's Bayou Jake DNA-P NITECH CH 'PR' Howell's Bayou Travler NITECH CH 'PR' Becks Brindle Boy
'PR' Edwards Kate
'PR' Butler's Peg GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Howell's Bayou Shorty (1968)
NITECH 'PR' Butler's Runt
'PR' Hamiltons Treetalkin Jody WLDNITECH GRNITECH 'PR' Kansas Sizzlin Heat (H1) GRNITECH 'PR' Cannon's Kansas Joe Boy (1990)
GRNITECH 'PR' Shortridge's Queen (1989)
'PR' Coblentz' Tree Talking Sue 'PR' Troyer's Ringo
'PR' Oswald's Gator-Amy

This six generation pedigree was generated at White Deer Preserve©

United Kennel Club Legends for Degrees and Titles

CH = Championship Degree or Title


FC = Field Champion Degree or Title


GF = Grand Field Degree or Title


GR = Grand Degree or Title


NITE = Night Coon Hunt Field Trial Degree or Title


PR' = Purple Ribbon Bred Title (at least nine UKC registered generations in pedigree)


WC = Water Champion ("Coon on a Log" Field Trial Champion) Degree or Title


WLD = World Field Trial or NITE Degree or Title


WSHOWCH = World Show Champion Degree or Title

Color Codes for Special Pedigree Performance Credentials

Individual Pedigree Highlighted in RED Designates that are listed in either Current or Historical "Top Ten" Producing Sires and Dams based on January 2007 UKC "Bloodlines". Data and statistics compiled as of November 28, 2006. Ranking is show as current (C#) or historical (H#).

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