'PR' White Deer Von Plott

August 30, 2006 - November 15, 2007

"Perhaps the best Wild Boar hound to every hunt on

Turkish soil"

Murat Gunsiray writes today to share the very sad news that his Plott hound, 'PR' White Deer Von Plott, was killed in action by a European Wild Boar. Von was born at White Deer Preserve on August 30, 2006 and exported to Turkey to become what those that hunted behind him came to know as an exceptional hound in every respect. Even at his young age, his performance was exemplary.

Mr. Murat Gunsiray (Center) with hunting party and Von Plott (left) and kennel mate Pala with huge boar taken in October 2007 in Turkey.

Von, may you rest in peace!

"Your hounds become extensions of your soul and, when one of them dies, a part of you dies with them"

 from Joe Burkett III, DVM - West Fork Corral, Gila Wilderness, New Mexico, September 1974; on loosing Plott Hound "Betty" to a bear.

"Let me cry alone to this Knight of the Hounds thank you for showing me what a great hound is!"

"This boar killed him...it was all bad coincidences the main cause was the wind he bayed the boar after 3 hours but we could not hear him, So we could not help him on his mission and the boar was very mean he also cut the young shepherd boy and the elder shepherd shot to kill the boar with bird shot, VON HAD FINISHED HIM ALREADY!"

Murat Gunsiray

Von was by CH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Hicks’ Rough Ridge Stormy and ‘PR’ Adams Sniper Ducth

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